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CE certification, FDA certification, ROHS certification, GOST certification, REACH certification, MSDS certification, TUV certification, etc.
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Chengdu Hemeikaineng Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a Chinese company that cares about the health and safety of the public and all mankind. We were founded in 2013 and are headquartered in Chengdu, Sichuan. It mainly supplies various health and medical products such as epidemic prevention supplies, disinfection equipment…

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Cupping of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Cupping therapy is one of the oldest “external treatment methods” of traditional Chinese medicine, which is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine massage. The use of combustion, suction, extrusion and other methods to eliminate the air in the tank, resulting in negative pressure, so ...

Popularization of science: The structure of household manual wheelchair

There are mainly hand grips, armrests, belts, leg straps, pedals, rear wheels, hand wheels and front wheels. • The function of the hand grip is that the person who pushes the old man behind mainly controls the structure of the wheelchair. The main point is that the material and ergonomic texture ...

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